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Barbapapa, photographer Isabelle Chapuis 

this is fuckin brilliant


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For all you out there who actually…don’t watch Scandal, (I’m shaking my head as I type this, because ya’ll missing out on a key part of Shonda Thursdays on ABC, but I digress.) here is a video to help you get through the Scandal takeover. You’re welcome.


Hair-stories. New Works From Artist Nakeya B.


The last photo with the hot comb brings back memories. I hated getting my hair pressed. Though, I never got my ears burned during: I was too careful about my ears. Saw too many ugly burn scars on my friends to let that happen to me.

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One of my friends put me on this UK singer. Her name is Moko and the song is entitled, “Your Love”. I’ve probably played it at least 30 times since last night. And, she’s vogueing in the video. 

I always wanted to learn how to Vogue. 


I A M I S I G O RESORT 2015: White Noise

Founded in 2009, iamISIGO by Bubu Ogisi seeks to create a striking awareness of how African culture can be fused with an audacious but yet minimal design aesthetic. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the designer on set as she directed the shoot for her new collection White Noise. I got to squeal in delight over the clothes as they hung on the rack, waiting to be brought to life by the model, Lizzie. The creative energy of designer, model, photographer and make-up artist hung heavy in the air as tranquil tunes played; it was inspiring to be in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria and be part of the rising fashion industry. - Yagazie

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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Flawless :: Beyoncé + Nicki Minaj

Beyoncé + Nicki Minaj-Flawless Remix.

What can I say about this that hasn’t already been said? Nothing, besides how much I love this song and I’ve only listened to it once. Check it out!

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Janelle Monae - Electric Lady Official Music Video

I just wish Solange was made an appearance, since she’s featured in the song. But, I do love this video from Janelle. She’s continuously branching out and trying new things, while still keeping to the original plan. Can’t wait to see what she does next.

Places to Shop: Zara

I wrote another post for Grade A Living on Zara, one of my favorite retailers. I’m also really excited, because yesterday I got an all white coat with pleather detailing from Zara Woman. Perfect for dressing up. I’m in love.

Check out the article I wrote here.

The photo above is from Zara Woman’s April 2014 lookbook.

Remembering Maya Angelou

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In remembrance of Maya Angelou I wrote a post on Grade A Living. Check it out here.


Naomi Campbell / Photographed by An Le / Styled by Phuong My, for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam June 2014

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